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Excellence in End-to-End Project Management.

Aamsko New Zealand Providing Best Practice Project Management.

We are a team with a wealth of collaborated experience in Law, Architectural Design, Asset Management, and Management Accounting to ensure that your project runs efficiently as well as effectively from inception to delivery. With our diverse background we have an in-dept understanding of administering construction contracts, procuring and mitigating risk. Our consulting practice holistically capture what our clients need, with a broad scope of specialist teams providing Strategic Advisory, Engineer to Contract and Project Management knowhow that is unrivalled.

Aamsko prides itself on fostering strong relationships, stability, and integrity in every project we undertake. By partnering with us, you receive dedicated, expert attention from beginning to end. Our boutique capabilities ensure your instructions are implemented by our principal project consultant in collaboration with our most experienced consultants, allowing us to maintain the highest standard of quality in our service to you at all times.

Weathertightness & Leaky Buildings

Our leaky building remedial consultancy includes preliminary assessment through to remedial specification, design and delivery of the remediation project.

  • Weathertightness and building defect documenting.
  • Analysis under ASTM E 2128 (Standard Guide for Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls) guidance.
  • Remedial specification development
  • Weathertightness and defect remediation design
  • Managing the remediation process

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