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Managing the council consenting process can be a complex endeavor, especially in the realm of building and property consultancy. At Aamkso Consulting, we excel in the art of navigating the intricate path of council consenting processes. Our boutique, family-operated consultancy brings together a unique blend of skill, including architecture, law, building remediation, project management, and management accounting. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, focusing on your objectives to create tailored solutions that comprehensivly management every stage of the council consenting process.

  • Legal and/or strategic matters relating to Auckland Unitary Plan & Waikato District Plan.
  • Commercial, rural & residential subdivision consent & planning management.
  • Planning & resource consents for land use consents.
  • Regional council consent process management.
  • Building consent process managed start to finish.
  • Managing planning & resource consents for billboard & digital signage consents.
  • Right of way consent process managed.
  • Title searching & Land Information inquiries.
  • Liaising with any third parties, example: Neighbors or Territorial Authorities. 

Our Expertise:

Understanding Local Regulations: Our in-depth knowledge of local regulations ensures that we are well-versed in the specific requirements governing council consents, especially in Auckland, New Zealand.

Early Engagement: We recognsze the importance of early engagement with local authorities, seeking pre-application advice to set the right course for your project.

Site Analysis and Due Diligence: Our expertise in site analysis and due diligence ensures that all relevant factors, from environmental concerns to cultural sensitivities, are addressed in your project plans.

Community Engagement: In Auckland’s diverse urban landscape, we excel at effective community engagement, gathering feedback and addressing local concerns professionally and proactively.

Comprehensive Documentation: We provide meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your consent application package is complete, accurate, and aligns perfectly with Auckland Council’s requirements.

Environmental Impact Assessment: Sustainability and environmental considerations are at the forefront of our application strategies, in line with Auckland Council’s priorities.

Heritage and Cultural Sensitivity: When dealing with heritage and cultural sites, we approach them with the utmost sensitivity and adhere to local preservation requirements.

Traffic and Transportation Planning: We offer strategies to address traffic and transportation considerations, meeting Auckland’s unique traffic management and parking requirements.

Negotiations and Compliance: Our expertise guides us through negotiations with the council, ensuring your project stays on the right side of compliance at all times.

Financial Management: With our background in management accounting, we help you manage the financial aspects of your project, including budgeting for consent-related expenses.

Monitoring and Reporting: Continuous project monitoring and thorough reporting are part of our commitment to maintaining compliance and transparency.

Seeking Expert Advice: When necessary, we seek expert advice, especially in complex regulatory issues, ensuring your project’s success.

Completion and Documentation: We finalise projects with precision and provide all necessary documentation to Auckland Council, ensuring a seamless handover.

At Aamkso Consulting, we’re more than just consultants; we’re your partners in success. Our comprehensive knowledge, collaborative approach, and unwavering commitment to quality outcomes make us the ideal choice to manage the council consenting process for your projects in Auckland. Trust us to navigate the complexities, ensuring compliance with local regulations and the successful realisation of your project.