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Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA).

Expertise in Building Remediation Construction.

Quantitative risk assessment involves evaluating the potential impacts of project risks into numerical terms. This data is often very helpful when needing to establish building remedial and maintenance cost as well as time contingencies.

Aamsko provides Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) as an added service for building remedial projects requiring thorough risk-profile analysis. Our team brings extensive expertise in legal, architectural, and accounting practices, enabling us to deliver comprehensive QRA analysis and reporting.

Aamsko Process to Quantitative Risk Assessment.

Risk management is typically carried out through a structured process that includes these steps:

Identify potential risks

Plan how to manage risks

Analyze risks qualitatively

Plan responses to risks

Monitor and control risks

Risks Needing Mitigation.

Contractual Risks

Compliance and Regulatory Risks

Liability Risks

Insurance Risks

Product Warranty Claims

Cost Overruns

Funding and Cash Flow Issues

Project Delay

Operational Inefficiencies

Contractual Risks

Design & Buildability Risks

Buildability risks in a building remedial project refer to the potential challenges and obstacles that can affect the ease and efficiency with which the building can be repaired. These risks can lead to delays, cost overruns, and quality issues if not properly managed.

Buildability risks Aamsko can assist to mitigate include:

Site Conditions

Design Complexity

Existing Structural Deficiencies

Supply Chain Disruptions

Construction Methods

Health and Safety Risks

Building Codes and Standards

Environmental Factors

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NZS 3910:2023 New Zealand Standard for Conditions of Contract for Building and Civil Engineering Construction.
NEC3 Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), a flexible and collaborative framework emphasising accountability, and risk management.
We are members of the Society of Construction Law New Zealand and the Construction Accord.