Aamsko Project Management Services

End-to-End Project Management of Weathertightness Compromised Leaky Buildings.

With a project team with a background in Architecture, Law, Management Accounting, Construction, and Multi-Story Maintenance we are uniquely positioned to provide a holistic approach to remediating a weathertightness compromised leaky building. We are able to cover all stages of the weathertightness documentation, investigation, design, remediation and dispute resolution process that only a very few others in the industry can match.

Our leaky building remedial consultancy includes preliminary assessment through to remedial specification, design and delivery of the remediation project.

Aamsko weathertightness & leaky building services.

  • Weathertightness and building defect documenting.
  • Analysis under ASTM E 2128 (Standard Guide for Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls) guidance.
  • Remedial specification development
  • Weathertightness and defect remediation design
  • Managing the remediation process
  • Contract negotiation for specialist remedial building products
  • Contract Administration
  • Procurement and securing warranties for remediated work
  • Performance monitoring and quality control of the the remediation work
  • Leaky and defective building dispute resolution
  • Closeout and evaluation at the completion of a remedial project
  • Post-project review and maintenance planning

NZS 3910:2023 New Zealand Standard for Conditions of Contract for Building and Civil Engineering Construction.
NEC3 Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), a flexible and collaborative framework emphasising accountability, and risk management.
We are members of the Society of Construction Law New Zealand and the Construction Accord.