Aamsko New Zealand


We are a family company forming a diverse background and skills in architecture, law, building remediation, project management and management accounting. Since 2002 we have pioneered high-rise building remediation and construction practice. With a uniquely diverse background of professional and trade services we form a specialist management firm for matters around, property, feasibility, building and construction. We can assist you with any stand-alone need or a tailored package to meet your specific requirements including property / building consulting, project management, risk mitigation, and leaky building remediation.

Our extensive consultancy service includes building surveying, building condition diagnosis, property consulting, strategic planning including risk management. We assist newcomer and established commercial property managers, owners and their tenants. As well as large corporations with complex infrastructure requirements. Our clients range from large NZX listed companies, Auckland City Council, large multi million dollar investors, property developers, through to mum and dad investors.