building remediation


BRANZ Guide to Remediation Design clarifies how remediating leaky buildings is a complex task that requires expert input from building surveyors, designers, engineers, remediation specialists and builders. The complex nature of remediating commercial leaky buildings also means that it is important that the designer, as well as the owner or property manager, understand the legal requirements and know how best to manage the inherent risks as well as obligations to third parties (like building occupiers, local authority and in some instances even the public).

At Aamkso Consulting, we understand the pressing concerns associated with leaky buildings. Our boutique family-operated consultancy brings together a wealth of expertise in architecture, law, building remediation, project management, and management accounting. With a commitment to excellence and accountability, we stand as your reliable partner in addressing the challenges posed by leaky buildings.

We know that as an owner or manager of a commercial building or a Body Corporate with weathertightness issues, it can be hard to know where to start. However, you can rest assured knowing that our building consultancy foundation is build on commercial and high-rise building remediation which has given us a solid understanding of how to resolve commercial buildings that have gone wrong, ensure they continue to perform well into the future, and how best to mitigate risks that are inherent.

Our remediation design consultation process is formulated with a focus to thoroughly inform our client, so that they are capable of making informed decisions. Our remediation design consultation process:

  • Together with the client clarify the aim of the required remediation design addressing the specific weathertightness issues of the building.
  • Consult with the client to help them understand the building.
  • Study building condition reports to understand the cause of the buildings weathertightness failure.
  • Work with the client to understand their capital and operational requirements.
  • Together with the client draft the design brief, outline the stages of design including design review.
  • Undertake design and review per brief.
  • Undertake any planning and project management requirements.
  • Where possible, implement any mock up or trials to test the remediation design solutions.
  • Review remediation design with construction crew for any buildability concerns.
  • Review remediation design and construction during construction for any buildability issues, and find suitable solutions.
  • Delivery of successful remediation design solution.

The Remediation Process

When you work with Aamkso Consulting for your leaky building remediation design needs, you can expect a meticulous and comprehensive process.

Site Assessment: We begin with a thorough site assessment to understand the extent of the issue.

Investigation and Diagnosis: Our experts utilize their skills to pinpoint the root causes of leaks.

Design Development: We craft remediation designs that encompass architectural and engineering solutions.

Materials Selection: Our careful material selection ensures compliance with building codes and regulations.

Project Management: Our seasoned project management team keeps your project on track.

Legal Expertise: We navigate any legal aspects seamlessly, protecting your interests.

Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality ensures a high standard of work.

Financial Transparency: We maintain financial transparency throughout the project.

Documentation and Reporting: Comprehensive documentation keeps you informed at every step.

Client Communication: We prioritize clear and open communication to keep you in the loop.